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There are many hair products on the market designed to make our hair shiny. Bright hair is healthy hair, that's why we try by all means to make our hair shiny. There are two ways to do this: using products that recreate a glossy film in the hair or that act on the health of intensely nutritious and moisturizing hair. There are also home remedies to make your hair shiny: If you do not want to buy expensive hair products sometimes you can try an old home remedy that will make your hair shiny and beautiful: it is a lotion that will be applied on wet hair made Rosemary. Boil the distilled water, turn off and soak the sprigs of fresh rosemary, letting them rest until the water cools. We filter with a strainer and tighten all the sprigs of rosemary well with a spoon, add the apples vinegar, shiny ingredient, more if we have a few drops of rosemary and lemon essential oil. We apply the wrap to the hair before each shampoo, then we swether our hair thoroughly. After some fumes we can already realize how bright and bright.

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